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Today's #1 priority is better bottom-line financial performance. And the best way for your company to improve its performance is to help your employees make the connection between their activities and your company's financial results.

Shaws-Lawson's financial and cost management programs help employees at all levels develop the practical understanding they need to improve your company's bottom line.

Each Shaws-Lawson program takes a unique visual learning approach that helps employees learn finance faster, understand finance better, retain what they have learned longer, and immediately apply financial concepts on the job.


Case Studies

Shaws-Lawson co-teaches at the Harvard Business School's Executive Education program.

Shaws-Lawson designed and delivered a customized program in cost management for one of the country's largest insurance and financial services company and delivered the program at sites throughout the U.S.

Shaws-Lawson trained the top 750 senior executives and senior financial managers of one of the largest auto, home and life insurers in the world.

Shaws-Lawson's seminars have been successful and effective for some of the world's leading companies. We have over 20 years of experience in delivering relevant, effective financial seminars in all industries including insurance, banking, pharmaceutical, technology and manufacturing.

Seminar features:

  • Tailored to match your company's operations and goals
  • Uses accelerated learning techniques
  • Simple explanations in common, everyday language - no jargon
  • Interactive exercises
  • Includes workbook for all participants for post-seminar reference

Topics Available

Advanced Topics Available

In addition to our introductory seminars, we offer advanced financial topics for financial managers and executives or for those who have taken our introductory courses.

  • Financial Ratio Analysis (with competitive computer simulation exercise)
  • Competitive Expense Management
  • Better Business Budgeting
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Economic Value Added (EVA)