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Finance Lite for the Hospitality Industry


This lively and engaging program introduces the major financial statements and demonstrates how each employee impacts them.

Finance Lite for the Hospitality Industry also discusses how the money making activities of hospitality companies differ from those of other industries and how those differences are reflected on the financial statements.

For multinational companies, the program includes a comparison of U.S. GAAP accounting statements with international IAS statements.

How Your Company Will Benefit

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the operating cycle followed by hospitality companies
  • Explain how the financial statement records flows of resources into and out of your company
  • Discuss key challenges facing hospitality companies in the public marketplace
  • Evaluate their impact on your company’s profitability
  • Create an action list to improve their efficiency and productivity
  • Describe the key differences between debt and equity capital
Key Topics Covered

• The Three Fundamental Financial Questions

An Introduction to Double-Entry Accounting

• Using the Balance Sheet

• Understanding How You Impact the Income Statement

• How Hotels Make Money

• Comparing Debt and Equity Financing


Finance for Non-Financial Hospitality Professionals


This program develops the basic financial understanding every hospitality professional needs to use financial tools to make effective business decisions and feel more confident about communicating with financial people.

 How Your Company Will Benefit

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • View their job responsibilities in terms of financial added value
  • Perform cost-justification analyzes before making spending decisions
  • Communicate effectively with financial management and staff
  • Manage by numbers rather than by "feel"


Key Topics Covered

• Financial Statement Review

• Understanding Cash Flow and the Cash Flow Statement

• Introduction to Working Capital

• The Cost of Capital

• Making Capital Investment Decisions

• Key Ratios for the Hospitality Industry

• Financial Leverage in the Hospitality Industry

• Four Key Factors in Hospitality Profitability

Special Features for the Trainer

  • Tailor the program to include your company’s information
  • Track employees’ progress and award certificates

Key Features of These Programs

  • Use graphics to make concepts understandable and memorable
  • Develop concepts in everyday language using metaphors that everyone can relate to
  • Establish relevancy and focuses on behavioral change
  • Instill practical understanding and teaches skills that can be applied immediately

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