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Finance Lite
Applied Finance for Non-Financial Employees

This popular program is a lively and engaging introduction to the major financial statements and how each employee impacts them.

The web or workbook version of this program is ideal as pre-work for game boards, our seminars or your own in-house financial and business literacy courses.

Free Demo

Preview the eLearning version of Finance Lite by clicking here.


Key Features of Our Program

  • Uses graphics to make concepts understandable and memorable

  • Develops concepts in everyday language using metaphors that everyone can relate to

  • Establishes relevancy and focuses on behavioral change

  • Instills practical understanding and teaches skills that can be applied immediately
How Your Company Will Benefit

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss your company’s financial statements
  • Calculate the improvement to shareholder value of incremental daily savings by each employee times all employees
  • View their job responsibilities in terms of added value
  • Make the connection between their activities and financial results

Special Features for the Trainer

  • Tailor the program to include your company’s information
  • Track employees’ progress and award certificates
Key Topics Covered

• Answering Three Fundamental Financial Questions

Introducing Double-Entry Accounting

• Using the Balance Sheet

• Understanding How You Impact the Income Statement

• Importance of Equity and Shareholder Value

• One Times All ™

Available Formats

  • Seminar
  • Online
  • CD-ROM
  • Workbook with computer-based quiz

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