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At Shaws-Lawson, we've developed our e-learning programs to take advantage of all the benefits of the current technology and utilized our 20 years of training experience to create relevant and effective programs.

Ideal as pre-work or in a blended solution

Use our e-learning programs to deliver training to all your employees at a low cost. Or combine an e-learning program with your own in-house seminars, game boards or a Shaws-Lawson seminar to maximize training results.

Case Studies

A leading global pharmaceutical company uses Shaws-Lawson's Finance Lite e-learning course as pre-work for a Harvard Business School Executive Education program.

Shaws-Lawson integrated its How Insurance Companies Make Money e-learning program with a major insurance company's AICC-compliant learning management system.

Features of our eLearning Programs

(1) Graphics to reinforce major learning points

(2) Check Your Understanding Interactive self-checks test understanding throughout the program

(3) Quick Facts and Quick Quotes provide breaks in learning and keep users interested

(4) Pre-quiz and post-quizzes. Timed quizzes provide instant feedback and explanation

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