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To provide a portable training solution, Shaws-Lawson offers print versions of each program we develop. Because our workbooks include the same content presented in our seminars and e-learning programs, you can send a consistent message throughout your organization using a combination of delivery methods.

Ideal as pre-work or in a blended solution

Workbooks can include a computer-based quiz program which allows training administrators to assess employees' understanding and monitor program completion. This feature makes our workbooks ideal as pre-work for an in-house or Shaws-Lawson seminar.

Case Studies

Shaws-Lawson self-study workbooks are used for company wide financial training by the nation's largest seller of individual annuities.

Shaws-Lawson workbooks are an integral part of the training provided to new sales representatives hired by a leading provider of employee benefits.

Portable self study without the snoring

The benefit of printed material is its portability. With Shaws-Lawson workbooks there is no need for internet connections, IT installations or travel arrangements. Our workbooks allow students to study at their own pace and our engaging visual approach guarantees that readers remain alert-and awake.

Features of our Workbooks

Uses graphics and easy-to- understand language and metaphors

Q & A's throughout the book check the reader's understanding

Margin space to take notes

Can include a computer-based (either disk or internet) pre- and post-quiz program to evaluate progress and monitor completion

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