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What is Finance Lite?

Finance Lite is a proven method of developing the financial fluency your employees need to help your company compete more effectively in today’s world.

Finance and financial training

Over twenty years of training conducted from Jersey to Jakarta have demonstrated that this method helps people learn finance faster—and with better comprehension and retention—than conventional methods of learning.

Join the growing list of major companies that use Finance Lite seminars, workbooks and e-learning programs for managerial and executive financial training.

Economic Value Added & Value Based Management

This program introduces the concepts of economic value added and value based management and demonstrates an approach to management that creates shareholder value by optimizing cash flow.


Are your managers masking their confusion about finance?

MANY MANAGERS appear to understand finance, but if they started their careers in non-financial areas or haven’t kept up with recent changes, they may be masking their confusion.

And that confusion leads to poor communication in an area vital to your company’s success.

Finance Lite seminars, workbooks and e-learning programs use everyday analogies and graphic illustrations to eliminate confusion about finance and help managers develop the skills they need to communicate financial information and make cost-effective decisions.

To eliminate your managers’ confusion, click on the link below today!

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finance managers and financial training

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